We both learned so much and I can honestly say it's been years since I sat in an aviation course and haven't felt the uncontrollable urge to shut my eyes and go to sleep! Awesome course, great experience! Really enjoyed Alex as well...Please send say thanks to Shawn as well. 

International Pilot (CAN)

Hat's off to you guys and girls. This session was FLAWLESS !! WOW I am looking forward to checking out the additional information you have available. WELL DONE !! The course is a wealth of knowledge, perfectly organized and presented ! The amount of work it took to reach this level is "greatly appreciated" 

Int'l Captain (NY)

it is such a good class. Keep up the good work! 

Int'l Captain (CA)

Just a quick note to thank you again for info provided at the recurrent course. I have attended Scott IPC many times and I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays course (practical and informative). 

Chief Pilot (CA)