We have some amazing clients...

And we are very blessed by them. Here is feedback from some of them.

Scott IPC consistently proves themselves as the leader when it comes to international training providers. Their instructors and course-ware are exceptional at every level.  Scott consistently delivers meaningful and relevant content that is both Part 135 compliant and focused on our flight department's needs.

Chief Pilot

Fortune 500 Flight Department

White Plains, NY

Don was a great steward of your product and we’re grateful to have him share his years of experience with us.

Adam Letts, CAM

Chief Pilot / Aviation Manager

MT 7 Aviation


I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our successful FAA Tabletop. We feel your International and Tabletop programs had us well prepared to the point we were complimented on how well {we were prepared} by the FAA.

Thank you again,

Darryl Moffatt

Chief Pilot

Uline, Inc

I wanted to thank you for the time you provided my team this past week. Your presentation was excellent and well received by all. At times we'll have meetings or training events where feedback is sparse or without insight. After your session, feedback was unsolicited, productive, energetic and overwhelming positive.  Your natural gait presenting the material clearly projects your competency and enthusiasm for the subject. I believe it was a welcomed reminder for renewing our energies, approach and the importance of thoughtful international trip planning.

We look forward to working with you more in the future.


Chief Pilot (NJ)

Great presentation on par with Shawn's online course. (My third recurrent with you.) Don did a nice job tailoring material to our flight operations specific to North Atlantic. One nice update to note is the ICRH...Truly THE benchmark for quick easy access to pertinent information. Great job! 

Look forward to next learning session. 

Kind regards, 

Sean Sinette
Senior Captain General Mills Air Transportation KMSP
CE750 CE680 CE560 CL30 GV B190

In full honesty I was not looking forward to having to do an Initial again but I can say that this course was VERY different and very enjoyable. Shawn is a good teacher and explains items with relevancy which is huge. Look forward to coming to the site from time to time to square myself up. Many thanks!! 

David P. Swistak

...we had a great class. It is by far the best IPC by any company we have attended.

Chief Pilot (NV)

...this is the best IPC I have ever taken and I say that after having flown International for the past 38 years. Excellent organization, presentation and content!

Ron Overholt
Director of Aviation
Pfizer, Inc (Retired)

In 27 years of flying I found this to be absolutely the very best International Procedures Course.

Int'l Capt (NY)

I really enjoyed the course and found it more informative than - Brand X's.

Int'l Captain (NY)

Please pass on to Shawn Scott how pleased our company continues to be with his product - by far and above the best in the industry. His real world teaching scenarios, coupled of course with the outstanding ICRH just couldn't be better!

G450 Captain (CA)

We had a wonderful class today. Shawn did a great job as usual. I think our Director of Operations was blown away at the quality of the presentation and materials. He wants to do this on a regular basis. Yea!

Chief Pilot (TX)

Tell Shawn he really does a nice job.

Int'l Captain (NY)

I am almost through the online course and this is the best that I have seen!!

Chief Pilot (AL)

I would just like to commend you on what great customer service we have received and continue to receive from SCOTT IPC. No matter what time or day of the week SCOTT IPC is ready for whatever we can throw at you, whether it is completion certificates or rerouting packages thru FedEx. I have also received numerous positive comments on your International Procedures course. One in particular from a highly seasoned GV captain, "This was the best course I have ever taken and believe it or not I learned a lot." You offer a superior product that is backed up by excellent customer service. Thanks for all your support.

Training Department Manager (CT)

...the course information I have received through the Scott IPC is the best I have received to date. With regard to the Scott IPC plotting chart. Great chart!!!! ...enjoyed the course and especially the reference handbook. Invaluable!!!!

Lead Pilot (OR)

...just completed International Recurrent. I really like your format, it is both practical and very informative. Really good on line, must be even better in person. Keep up the great program

Chief Pilot (CA)

It has been a year since we have instituted SCOTT IPC as our International Procedures training vendor and we could not be happier. Your program is suited well for our needs.

Training Manager

James called just now to tell us how much he enjoyed the course. He thought Shawn was very informative. There was another guy in class that has had training at Brand X in the past & when asked how SIP compares, he said SIP was waaay better. James loves the ICRH & apparently he's been carrying around his own spiral full of random things &is impressed so much so with the ICRH that he has stopped carrying his personal cheat sheets.

Int'l Captain (CA)

I just wanted to thank you again for the re-current training that you provided to my colleagues and myself on Monday. Our company places much emphasis on training. I'm always glad to see Scott International Procedures on the training event calendar. This training is absolutely crucial to our business. I really appreciate your professionalism and dedication. Thanks for keeping us safe and on track!

Int'l Captain (AR)

Shawn is a zen master regarding international procedures and it was a very informative series of lectures. I'll be back!

Chief Pilot (CA)

Thanks for the great service! The training was wonderful.

Captain (MN)

You guys are so great! If anyone ever puts me in charge I am going to make sure that everyone does their training with Scott IPC. Your generosity and kindness are put on display for all the world to see.

Int'l Captain (CA)

Thanks! Great class as always. Please tell Shawn I like the new version .

Captain (CA)

You guys rock!! Tell Shawn that even though I have gone through it before I thoroughly enjoyed it. SOOO much information there. Thanks again!

Int'l Captain (CA)

Thank you Jeni; Shawn, Amy, Jeni now that's a team to have in your corner; we do; and we are most happy!!!!!

Chief Pilot (CA)

Thanks Jeni, please tell Amy and Shawn I really enjoyed the course.

Chief Pilot (TX)

You guys are the best and help us operate with more confidence.

Int'l Captain (NY)

Just a quick note to thank you again for info provided at the recurrent course. I have attended Scott IPC many times and I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays course (practical and informative).

Chief Pilot (CA)

…it is such a good class. Keep up the good work!

Int'l Captain (CA)

Hat's off to you guys and girls. This session was FLAWLESS !! WOW I am looking forward to checking out the additional information you have available. WELL DONE !! The course is a wealth of knowledge, perfectly organized and presented ! The amount of work it took to reach this level is "greatly appreciated"

Int'l Captain (NY)

We both learned so much and I can honestly say it's been years since I sat in an aviation course and haven't felt the uncontrollable urge to shut my eyes and go to sleep! Awesome course, great experience! Really enjoyed Alex as well...Please send say thanks to Shawn as well.

International Pilot (CAN)

Your course is much better than [Brands X]. I shall gladly recommend your training to anyone that might have need for it. Currently, I fly 91 and 135, as well as flight-instructing in the G-IV and G-V / 550.

Int'l Captain (CA)

Please pass along my appreciation to the rest of your group also. I thoroughly enjoyed the training. The course was very informative and pertinent.

Int'l Captain (PA)

I just finished your course again last night. Great course. I thought the NAT GNE error and Level Best 2 videos were very good.

Int'l Captain (NJ)

Phenomenal! Soooooo many great remarks. I'll call tomorrow to touch base and book the recurrent. Thanks to you and Shawn so very much.

Chief Pilot (CAN)

Nice job. Very informative.

Captain (NY)

I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it.

Captain (CT)

We were all impressed with Alex and his presentation. He was very knowledgeable on the topic matters and we're very happy with the course. I'm sure we'll be calling soon to ask questions!!

Chief Pilot (ND)

Thank you very much for your rapid response and great customer service! Your online recurrent system worked flawlessly. Additionally, the documents Scott IPC publishes and the incredible online information that is available to clients is some of the best real world data available. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to working with all of you in the years to come. Continued success and thanks for the support.

Contract Captain (CA)

I really enjoyed the class, and thought Alex was great! You certainly have an outstanding service.

Director of Operations (OH)

You were right! Alex was full of energy and a really good instructor! He teaches from knowledge and experience, unlike the competition who just go read the PowerPoint presentations.

Int'l Captain (CA)

I've had instructor lead courses and on-line, instructor lead courses but I must say this refresher was much more in-depth, current and chock-full of best practices. I love the ICRH and flight checklist envelope. Great job. If anyone asks, I thought it was the best refresher I've had on this topic.

Int'l Captain (MI)

Great class. Excellent instructor. Thanks!

Int'l Captain (CA)

Just finished your course. …please tell Shawn I thought it was an excellent review. We do not do a lot of international work so this helps a lot, Thanks.

Lead Captain (OH)

I thought I'd provide you with a little feedback on yesterday's course. It was excellent and right on the money with respect to providing us with the latest updated information and best practices. Alex did a great job. He re-enforced much of what I have been advocating here for a while now and his "endorsement" will go a long way in helping us recognize the importance of following these best practices.

Chief Pilot (CAN)

I would like to tell you guys your training was A++++, we finished yesterday and Alex is the best. I am very glad to find a training company like yours. Thanks so much and I wish you the best.

Captain (CA)

You guys put on a great course!! Shawn really knows his stuff...

Chief Pilot (CAN)

I just finished the recurrent course yesterday... It was great. Alex really knows his stuff and covered the information very well. You guys run a good show.

Chief Pilot (AZ)

I wanted to let you know that the class was great and the instructor was wonderful

Chief Pilot (CA)

I wanna thank you guys for putting together a well structured, organized and professional online training. Special thanks to Shawn who did a great job by keeping things simple and maintaining a good quality at the same time. I learned and refreshed many things and I´m looking forward to see you again in the near future. Many thanks.

Int'l Pilot (EUR)

Many thanks and great course as always.

Int'l Captain (CT)

...nobody in the industry provides a higher level of training, the web site is up to date with its information, current resources, and the [ICRH] is the single most valuable on board resource I have come across in my 35+ year career. Don't take my word for it, talk to them, and see for yourself.

Int'l Captain (CA)