Our Mission

We shall provide our clients with world-class Business Aviation International Procedures Training, follow on support and operational resource solutions. We will work in partnership with each of our clients in a manner which sets a consummate standard in training and trust. This "revolution in training, standard in trust" approach will lead our staff in the delivery and support of this exceptional professional international pilot training.

The true definition of Professionalism is giving your customer what they expect from you. For the pilots (as an example), that expectation is Safety. Whatever you must do to affect that end, is your responsibility. Your customer Trusts you to deliver Safety. Achieving that and fulfilling their Trust includes taking Leadership of the department’s attitude and culture of Safety. You would give attention to training, research, best practices, collaboration, raising the bar, and humility in seeking out Subject Matter Experts to enhance your operations. As a training company, we feel that adequately preparing our crews for international operations and the upcoming implementations speaks directly to the need to affect the operations’ Safety standards, thus pouring into their Professionalism and ability to honor the Trust placed in them and to further augment their Leadership role within the operations.

Who We Are

Shawn & Amy Scott



Shawn is retired military with over 20 years of service. He served both in the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army. After retirement as a Maintenance Test Pilot, he joined a major commercial airline as a Pilot Ground School Instructor in Boeing and Airbus aircraft programs as well as teaching International Procedures integrating advanced cockpit systems. Since 2000, he has concentrated on the business aviation side of International Procedures training.

His business ideals are simple and shared by all in the company: build a world class training program with consummate client support processes that for the clients, is without question, the pinnacle of business aviation International Training. If we fall short in any way towards these expectations, then we are not doing what we hold as the highest standard in performance. These standards will set us apart in the industry and our promise to you is that we will hold these standards close as we plan, schedule and facilitate the training for your flight department.

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With extensive experience of service & support in the business aviation world, Amy has a unique understanding of the corporate pilot training environment needs.  She implements and oversees a very successful approach to ScottIPC’s corporate aviation customer service.

Prior to forming Scott International with her husband Shawn, Amy supported Gulfstream Aerospace as a Manager of Customer Service and also with SimuFlite Training International as an Account Executive in both sales and operational roles.

Our marketing program is as brilliant as our training. We rely on our clients' word of mouth recommendations. Our clients come to us by referral and we prefer it that way. We say, "we have trained someone you know, just ask around". With this we realize we better be on our toes and provide what today’s flight department expects: superior training and unparalleled customer support.

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Jeni Hilliard


After earning a degree in Visual Communications, Jeni started her career in the Graphic Arts industry where she worked for over a decade honing her reputation as a precise, detail oriented technical artist. The skills she acquired in that time have now been employed in developing and maintaining branding for Scott IPC, along with contributing to the best customer service available.

Since 2005 when she joined the family business, Jeni has anticipated and provided immediate resolution for our clients, whether that be fulfilling online training courses, supporting on-site training sessions, supply shipments, administrative documentation, or fielding client requests.  She plays a key role in keeping the day-to-day operations functioning smoothly. Jeni is well-loved by our ScottIPC clients that get to work with her.  She is keeper of all information and we guard her office.

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Phil Tyler


Phil brings a passion for aviation into the position of Business Development. He has spent most of his life around airplanes either in the US Air Force; with his degree in Meteorology; and with his extended experience in business aviation. He brings over thirty years of business experience including owning his own businesses, as well as business consulting, to Scott IPC. His success is based on listening to the customers needs and then exceeding their expectations.

Phil also brings his business acumen and his passion for excellence into the company that already has an outstanding record for growth and customer service. Phil will look to use his experience in the international trip planning arena to assist Scott IPC to broaden their spectrum of training products and services. He brings a philosophy of innovation and customer satisfaction that he will leverage as he works to develop tools in which the business aviation marketplace is in need. Phil is excited about being part of team that demands quality and his been the industry leader in training for many years.

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Beverly Newburn


Beverly comes to our team from Texas, by way of Oklahoma. She is a graduate of UT Arlington, where she earned her B.A. in Broadcast Communication, Cum Laude. She has been honing her design and e-learning skills for the last several years as a Training Developer, where she built numerous e-learning courses for the retail industry. She brings a unique blend of providing excellent client service with a technical ability and an eye for design. Prior to that, she served as a Customer Relations Representative at Southwest Airlines. Romeo is her canine partner in crime. She’s also the queen of Zumba.

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Jami Cope


Jami is a Software Developer and UI/UX Designer who works with aviation professionals to maximize available technologies with the ultimate goal of enhancing international procedures training and client experience. Jami knows that the client experience with technology serves a significant role in today’s international procedures training and strives to help create a seamless, integrated support system for ScottIPC’s world-class training.

Jami began her career in education, gaining unparalleled experience in the educational technology space, while also establishing herself as a respected ed tech innovator and trainer, and now brings a wealth of real-world experience to her role with ScottIPC. She holds a bachelors degree, a masters degree in education, and graduated from Thinkful as a full-stack developer.

She has a love for learning and continually involves herself in opportunities to gain expertise in technology as well as other interests. Jami also enjoys herb & vegetable gardening, baseball and being outdoors with her family.

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