International Cockpit Reference Handbook iPad App

International Cockpit Reference Handbook iPad Application

Only available to training clients as part of the training materials provided with each training course. Permissions to the app are provided on an annual subscription basis.

  • Updated procedures and information for oceanic flight operations
  • SOP's by phase of flight for oceanic crossings (cross referenced to the ScottIPC Class Two Navigation Guide Envelope)
  • Normal and contingency operating procedures for Oceanic and U.S. Domestic RVSM airspace
  • Over 200 pages of information addressing areas of concern for pilots
  • Ideal for paperless cockpits
  • Automatic updates
  • Color coded sections for rapid information discovery
  • Online calculators for quick and easy conversions
    • Meters to Feet
    • Climb Rates MPS - FPM
    • Jet Fuel Weights and Volume
    • Wind speed MPS to Knots
    • And many more

ScottIPC North Atlantic HLA Plotting Charts

NAT Plotting Chart Features

Price: $60 (package of 10)
Current edition is 12 June-2019

  • User friendly graphical layout designed to facilitate navigation information with respect to limitations within today's automated cockpits and various computer flight plan formats
  • 1 inch to 120 mile scale 23x17 inches
  • Area of coverage includes Greenland to south of the Azores
  • All coastal navaid frequencies and location identifiers
  • Isogonic information with Magnetic North indicators for all navaids
  • Preprinted Equal Time Points Solutions covering all areas of operations in the NAT/HLA
  • Preprinted FMS Course Crosscheck Tool
  • Navigation plotting examples, Average Course, Initial Course, Radial DME
  • Tools to verify FMS next way point course using true or magnetic information
  • Master Document Form
  • Area to log Oceanic Clearance
  • Position Report Form
  • NAT/HLA Surveillance Airspace depiction
  • Blue Spruce Routes with communication requirements for each
  • Portsmouth Pease PSM added for tech stops
  • Includes all CPDLC logon identifiers
  • Includes Scottipc QRL's that when scanned with a QRL reader, brings up the live active track message with graphical weather overlay.

ScottIPC Class Two Navigation Guide Envelopes

Class Two Navigation Guide Envelope

Price: $35 (package of 10)

  • Captures information sufficient for ICAO Journey logbook requirements for each oceanic crossing
  • Facilitates storage of the Master Document and associated paperwork after the flight allowing for later review of internal operating procedures and standardization
  • Pre-planning resource with complete international operations checklist, used by pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers (backside)
  • Area to annotate RVSM altimeter checks
  • Area to log position check
  • Step by step SOP Guide by phase of flight (cross referenced to the ScottIPC ICRH App)
  • Oceanic engine failure contingency guide

ScottIPC Support Package

For our clients that are on a 24-month training cycle, you may purchase our Support Package for the off-training year. The Support Package includes an additional year’s access to the ScottIPC ICRH iPad app, Resource Vault and access to our Instructors for questions, follow-on support and guidance.

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