July 8, 2019

Job Purpose

Scott International Procedures, LLC is hiring an International Procedures Pilot Instructor / Curriculum Developer to augment our current cadre of instructors.  We are looking for an individual with integrity, knowledge and a high level of experience in International Operations. This is a very rewarding full time position located in the Old Town Ft. Collins, Colorado location, serving the greatest customers in the industry; ours.  As a leader in the International Procedures training arena, all team members for Scott IPC uphold the highest standards in customer support and knowledge. Our instructors are second to none.

July 17, 2019

Job Purpose

Scott International Procedures, LLC is seeking Sales & Client Support Representative who is enthusiastic, innovative, self-motivated and has a passion to learn on a daily basis. The ideal candidate will have basic office skills but must truly enjoy speaking with and solving problems for the most amazing clients an industry could hope for; ours.  Our clients represent the cream of the crop in an industry that few even know exist, and as such require a level of service that is usually not found nor required in the general public.  Our clients consist of military executive transport, privately held companies and include the largest public companies on the planet.  There is no room for error and the standards are high at this level of service.  This candidate will work directly with one of the owners of the company and serve as a first stop for sales and service inquiries from clients.  He or she will respond to client needs and will have special projects as assigned.  This person will often be the face of the company and the level of communication and service to each client must reflect our standards of excellence.  

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