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Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)

UPDATE ON PBCS REQUIREMENTS:  Today 29 Mar 2018 is the deadline for the PBCS capability requirement that allows ATC to provide aircraft with reduced separations based on flight plan entries.   Entries for block 10A are now required to show your Required Communication Performance.  U.S. Part 91 operators have until 30 Sep 2018 to have the A056 approval reflect the PBCS capabilities. 

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Our training focuses on the application side of international Flight Operations while surpassing the standards as set forth by the FAA.

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We offer a variety of training solutions for today's busy flight departments. You will find the one that meets your needs here.


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What We Do

Our company provides International Procedures training to professional pilots within the business aviation community. This training focuses on the procedures and requirements to facilitate operations of an aircraft to, from or within any airspace in the world.

We employ a Curriculum Advisory Board for all of our International Procedures Pilot training courses allowing us to refine your training in-part based on experiences gained by our clients. These clients span the entire global spectrum from OEMs (aircraft and avionic manufacturers), Fortune 100 corporate flight departments, part 135 commercial operators, military, to the very people that make the rules under which you operate. Our involvement with industry leaders and governing bodies in identifying changes and areas of concern and then brilliantly breaking complex regulations down to the real intended application means all of our clients benefit from a combined experience base. Our clients have confidence that no stone will be left unturned. Hence our motto: "Because safety is in the details™."

With a rapidly changing international environment, clients need "Best Practice" wisdom. Clients need to be confident that the information received in training is the very latest and most accurate available. Our promise to you is that we will do just that. We also work with our clients on an ongoing basis outside of the classroom, providing consulting services and answering question as the need arises after the training event.


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