ICRH® and Scott Plot™ Electronic Plotting Chart iOS Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPad models and iOS versions does Scott IPC recommend for the plotting chart?

  • iOS 14.0 to iOS 15.1
  • iPad Mini 5th Generation and higher (7.9")
  • iPad 6th Generation and higher (10.2")
  • iPad Air 3rd Generation and higher
  • iPad Pro 1st Generation and higher (11")
  • iPad Pro 3rd Generation and higher (12.9")

Which external GPS units can I use with the Electronic Plotting Chart?

The Scott Plot™ Electronic Plotting Chart App can be used with Bluetooth GPS units that are compatible with an iPad and provide a standard NMEA 0183 output.

The following GPS devices are compatible with the plotting chart app and can have the connection verified on the GPS source screen:

Why am I seeing this message when I try to log in?

"You have exceeded your maximum allowed logins"

Our current application license structure allows for installation and login on one device at a time. If you have more than one device, please ensure you are logged out on all other devices before trying to log in again. Logout can be found on the main menu. If you still receive this message, please contact support by filling out a request below, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. If you deleted your Scott IPC app without logging out, you would need to contact Scott IPC to have your account unlocked/refreshed.

Why is my ICRH table of contents misaligned?

We recently published an ICRH update with the latest November 2020 airspace changes; you will need the latest iOS application and ICRH update to see the changes. If you do not see the changes, perform the following steps:

  1. Update your application to the latest App Store version (2.4.1)
  2. Go to Settings in your application (gear icon at the top)
  3. Tap Update Now and wait for the update to complete
  4. Restart the application
  5. Return to the ICRH


Current Versions: iOS App 2.4.4; ICRH V3_8

Scott IPC iOS app version history can be found here: App Version History


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