Introducing Scott Plot

The next leap forward in Electronic Plotting Technology.

Opportunities for Excellence

At Scott International Procedures, we understand that training is about more than safety; it is about living up to potential. It is not just our philosophy. Interactions with regulators highlight that the goal is excellence, not just compliance. For this reason, all of our tools and training are developed as an opportunity to excel beyond the minimum.

How we define Electronic Plotting

We define Electronic Plotting as a system that is so much more than a method to replace paper.  Our IPC, International Cockpit Reference Handbook™, and Scenario-Based Training all work in conjunction with our Electronic Plotting Chart™.  We seek to provide you with the best training and tools available for your international operations.

Your Scott Plot subscription will give you unlimited access to our Scenario-Based Training and our Electronic Plotting Chart. Both of which are compatible with our IPC.

Why do we define it that way?

  • Over 20 years of experience teaching International Procedures
  • An understanding of the regulatory guidance & requirements for oceanic operations
  • Understanding of the relationship between situational awareness and safety
  • Engineered to be used regardless of experience level
  • Proficiency requires training

Innovative & Smart

  • Capture entire route details into a single Journey Logbook Master Document
  • Upload full trip package into Master Document
  • Accepts all major flight plan formats
  • Customizable checklist to conform with International Operations Manuals
  • Standard checklist combines best practices from Scott IPC and AC 91-70B
  • Oceanic Flight Reminders by the phase of flight

Safety & Situational Awareness

Equal Time Points

  • ETPs designed for maximum awareness
  • Ability to update ETPs while in route
  • Check against reversed ETPs
  • Real time ETP course details

Oceanic Flight Reminders

Our Oceanic Flight Reminders are designed to further enhance situational awareness by the phase of flight.

  • Coast Out
  • Approaching Waypoints
  • Passing Waypoints
  • 10 Minute Checks
  • Approaching New FIR
  • Wind Drift Corrections


  • A true Dead Reckoning mode
  • GPS failure and recovery stamps to support PBCS investigations
  • ICRH® access for airspace contingencies & information

Chart Features

  • Tracks display with full track details
  • Layers designed to maximize operational awareness
  • Less than 1/10th nautical mile scaling for exact SLOP position relative to route
  • Chart and flight plan annotations

Simplicity of Use

Preflight Wizard

Designed to walk a user through the preflight phase with simplicity and ease.  Setting up for a flight has never been easier.  Build the route, set up ETPs, select your checklist, and choose coast out/in points for Oceanic Flight Reminders. It's as straightforward as following the guided steps in the Preflight Wizard™.


  • Automatic route parsing from all major flight plan formats
  • Accepts & parses packages with multiple flight plans
  • Full route details for route validation
  • Simple route modification
  • Drag and drop route changes
  • Direct-to functionality

Flight Bag

Along with storing and sharing archived journey logbooks, the in-app Flight Bag allows the user to conveniently store and access flight plans, documents, and manuals.  The user guide will answer app functionality questions while in-flight.

 Do you have questions? Let us answer them for you.

Scott Plot® access is an additional charge.