International Cockpit Reference Handbook

The International Cockpit Reference Handbook (ICRH) is an incredible resource for pilots flying internationally.  Only available to training clients as part of the training materials provided with each initial or recurrent international procedures training course (live classes or online e-learning delivery). Permissions to the app are provided coincident with the training cycle.

You can now complete all your conversions in one convenient app! Conversions cover jet fuel weights & volumes, climb rate, distance, wind speed, MM mercury to millibars, kilometers/statute miles/nautical miles, temperature, and weight.

The International Cockpit Reference Handbook is an international business aviation resource designed to augment your Scott IPC International Procedures training experience and an easy-to-use quick reference in-flight.

  • Updated procedures and information for oceanic flight operations
  • SOP's by phase of flight for oceanic crossings (cross-referenced to the ScottIPC Class Two Navigation Guide Envelopes)
  • Normal and contingency operating procedures for Oceanic and U.S. Domestic RVSM airspace
  • Over 200 pages of information addressing areas of concern for pilots
  • Ideal for paperless cockpits
  • Automatic updates
  • Color-coded sections for rapid information discovery
  • Online calculators for quick and easy conversions
    • Meters to Feet
    • Climb Rates MPS - FPM
    • Jet Fuel Weights and Volume
    • Wind speed MPS to Knots
    • And many more


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