Price: $85 (package of 10)

The current edition is April 14 2021

  • User-friendly graphical layout designed to facilitate navigation information with respect to limitations within today's automated cockpits and various computer flight plan formats
  • 1 inch to 120-mile scale 23x17 inches
  • Area of coverage includes Greenland to the south of the Azores
  • All coastal navaid frequencies and location identifiers
  • Isogonic information with Magnetic North indicators for all navaids
  • Preprinted Equal Time Points Solutions covering all areas of operations in the NAT/HLA
  • Preprinted FMS Course Crosscheck Tool
  • Navigation plotting examples, Average Course, Initial Course, Radial DME
  • Tools to verify FMS next waypoint course using true or magnetic information
  • Master Document Form
  • Area to log Oceanic Clearance
  • Position Report Form
  • NAT/HLA Surveillance Airspace depiction
  • Blue Spruce Routes with communication requirements for each
  • Portsmouth Pease PSM added for tech stops
  • Includes all CPDLC logon identifiers
  • Includes Scott IPC QR codes that when scanned with a QR code reader, brings up the live active track message with a graphical weather overlay