Scott IPC consistently proves themselves as the leader when it comes to international training providers. Their instructors and course-ware are exceptional at every level.  Scott consistently delivers meaningful and relevant content that is both Part 135 compliant and focused on our flight department's needs.

Chief Pilot
Fortune 500 Flight Department
White Plains, NY

Don was a great steward of your product and we’re grateful to have him share his years of experience with us.

Adam Letts, CAM
Chief Pilot / Aviation Manager
MT 7 Aviation

I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our successful FAA Tabletop. We feel your International and Tabletop programs had us well prepared to the point we were complimented on how well {we were prepared} by the FAA.

Darryl Moffatt
Chief Pilot
Uline, Inc

Nobody in the industry provides a higher level of training, the web site is up to date with its information, current resources, and the [ICRH] is the single most valuable on board resource I have come across in my 35+ year career. Don't take my word for it, talk to them, and see for yourself. 

Int'l Captain (CA)