When operating in an international environment, you must comply with the ICAO guidance as required by CFR 14 Part 91.703. From reviewing Ramp Inspection Program (SAFA) findings, flight plans, and operating manuals, it is important to ensure your fuel allocations comply with ICAO Annex 6. 

Of the flight plans we have reviewed, the fuel allocation information varies greatly from the required standards. Typically, additional fuel is not required; it must be properly allocated. The most frequently identified and significant issues are: 

  • Taxi Fuel needs to be reasonable and included in the fuel required total 
  • Final Reserve and Contingency Fuel calculations are missing, mislabeled, or incorrect

For your convenience, the Scott IPC ICRH General Guidance tab contains extracted Annex 6 requirements for both Private and Commercial operators.

Here is a sample of an Annex 6 compliant fuel allocation table. The labels can be abbreviated, and additional categories can be added. Review your IOM or Procedures Documents to ensure they accurately reflect the Annex 6 requirements and match the fuel table utilized on your flight plans.

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