I just wanted to thank you again for the re-current training that you provided to my colleagues and myself on Monday. Our company places much emphasis on training. I'm always glad to see Scott International Procedures on the training event calendar. This training is absolutely crucial to our business. I really appreciate your professionalism and dedication. Thanks for keeping us safe and on track!

Int'l Captain (AR)

James called just now to tell us how much he enjoyed the course. He thought Shawn was very informative. There was another guy in class that has had training at Brand X in the past & when asked how SIP compares, he said SIP was waaay better. James loves the ICRH & apparently he's been carrying around his own spiral full of random things & is impressed so much so with the ICRH that he has stopped carrying his personal cheat sheets.

Int'l Captain (CA)

It has been a year since we have instituted SCOTT IPC as our International Procedures training vendor and we could not be happier. Your program is suited well for our needs.

Training Manager

Just completed International Recurrent. I really like your format, it is both practical and very informative. Really good on line, must be even better in person. Keep up the great program 

Chief Pilot (CA)