The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has made significant changes to the RIM Appendix 1 – Inspection Instructions and Pre-Described Findings. The revision is extensive and will require reviewing and updating your SAFA checklists and documentation to meet the new and revised items.


Highlights of the changes include:

  • PDFs, as used in this document, refer to pre-described findings and not a document type
  • New inspection instructions for General Aviation / NCC (non-commercial) operations and pre-described findings
  • New layout/structure of the instructions, pre-described findings, and standard references
  • Update of standard references
  • New definitions
  • New quick reference guide for finding placards, markings, and the corresponding instructions in inspection items


Note: Review pages 2-7 of the RIM Appendix 1 for a more detailed listing of new and amended items.


For each inspection, there are three categories of deviations from standards based on the potential impact on safety. A category 1 finding would only be considered a minor influence on safety, whereas a Category 2 would have a significant influence, and a category 3 would have a major influence on safety.


Note: U.S. operators should review FAA InFO 20003 regarding the clearing of findings entered into the database. Operators have 60 days to clear all findings after notification. The FAA expects clearing these within 30 days.


The Ramp Inspections no longer divide the document into SAFA and SACA sections but have combined both into a single guide describing each requirement by type of operation, either commercial or general aviation/ NCC, and non-EU (SAFA) or EU (SACA) operations. The changes result in four types of inspections depending on the State of the operator; the list with definitions is as follows:

    • Inspections by EU States on non-EU third country operators performing Commercial Air Transport operations, or
    • Inspections by non-EU states on all operators performing Commercial Air Transport operations
    • Inspections by EU States on non-EU third country operators performing General Aviation Transport operations, or
    • Inspections by non-EU States on all operators performing General Aviation Transport operations
  • SACA – CAT
    • Inspections by EU States on EU operators performing Commercial Air Transport operations
  • SACA – NCC
    • Inspections by EU States on EU operators performing Non-Commercial Operations with complex motor-powered aircraft


 When a finding has been made, the STD (standard) column will designate which standard applies:

  • “I” (ICAO): Standards to be used in SAFA-CAT and SAFA-GA type of inspections, applicable requirements are the ICAO international standards
  • “E” (EU): Standards to be used in SACA-CAT and SACA-NCC type of inspections, applicable requirements are the EU requirements
  • “M” (Manufacturer): For manufacturer’s standards used for evaluating damages
  • “N” (National): For published national standards declared applicable to all operators flying to that State with an impact influence on flight safety or deemed mandatory for that State (AIP)
  • “Not Applicable”: No standard reference is available, and the inspector should not use the PDF


The inspection standard references for categorizing findings have also been broken down by type of inspection. The significant change for non-EU operations is that SAFA-GA inspections now use Annex 6, Part 2, while Commercial operators continue to use Annex 6, Part 1.



The inspection instructions are still grouped by categories A through E. However, the format is now color-coded to indicate instructions and requirements for the category. Columns have been inserted for each type stating the standards with hyperlinks to the appropriate material. A05 Checklists are shown here as an example. All operators, but certainly GA operators that develop and use their own checklists, must carefully review the instructions, notes, and findings to ensure they comply with the required standards.


If a SAFA-GA operator was issued an A05-01 finding, more information can be found by clicking the A6-II- hyperlink for additional information. The link will take you to additional information taken from ICAO Annex 6, Part II, 3.4.5 and is contained in this document to avoid the need for switching to the actual ICAO Annex. 


If the hyperlink does not work, these references can also be located by scrolling to the bottom of the document.


The information presented here are just highlights. Operators should review to ensure they meet all the new and amended Ramp Inspection requirements where applicable.


EASA SAFA Inspection Instructions and Pre-Described Findings


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