The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has made significant changes to the RIM Appendix 1 – Inspection Instructions and Pre-Described Findings. The revision is extensive and will require reviewing and updating your SAFA checklists and documentation to meet the new and revised items.


Highlights of the changes include:

  • PDFs, as used in this document, refer to pre-described findings and not a document type
  • New inspection instructions for General Aviation / NCC (non-commercial) operations and pre-described findings
  • New layout/structure of the instructions, pre-described findings, and standard references
  • Update of standard references
  • New definitions
  • New quick reference guide for finding placards, markings, and the corresponding instructions in inspection items


Effective March 1, 2022, North Atlantic tracks at FL330 and below will no longer be published. As a result, flights operating at FL330 and below will be free of the organized track structure. Although there have never been restrictions for random routing crossing tracks, this will aid the operators who plan not to cross tracks at active flight levels.



From 25 Feb 2021, Datalink-equipped aircraft may again cross anywhere in the NAT HLA airspace.


Datalink mandated airspace is again  FL290-FL410.  Non-Datalink-equipped aircraft may only cross the NAT HLA at any altitude provided the flight is constrained to the surveillance airspace.   Additionally, the Non-Datalink aircraft must have operational ADS-B while over Greenland and conduct the flight under VHF coverage.