From 25 Feb 2021, Datalink-equipped aircraft may again cross anywhere in the NAT HLA airspace.


Datalink mandated airspace is again  FL290-FL410.  Non-Datalink-equipped aircraft may only cross the NAT HLA at any altitude provided the flight is constrained to the surveillance airspace.   Additionally, the Non-Datalink aircraft must have operational ADS-B while over Greenland and conduct the flight under VHF coverage.


NEW NAT OPS Bulletins

Further, new NAT OPS Bulletins have been published regarding:


Oceanic Errors Safety Bulletin 2017-002 Rev 4

  • A summary and discussion of reasons and casual factors for Oceanic airspace errors. Includes Vertical, Lateral, and Longitudinal errors along with a discussion of the proper use of CPDLC messages with the proper responses and actions.


NAT Data Link Special Emphasis Items Bulletin 2017-004 Rev 2

  • A summary of CPDLC procedures with guidance from the GOLD manual on proper responses and actions given different messages.


Waypoint Insertion / Verification Special Emphasis Items Bulletin 2018-003 Rev 1

  • A discussion on Map and FMC displays of half degree and whole degree waypoints. Bringing attention to the importance of understanding how ARINC 424 waypoints are displayed with the aircraft displays. Numerous errors result from not properly identifying the loaded waypoints during flight or the verification of waypoints.


Operators can find the new NAT OPS Bulletins within the Scott IPC app (ICRH) or follow this link to the ICAO website.


ICAO NAT OPS Bulletins



(Reference Shanwick NOTAM G0202/20)


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