As of July 13th, 2023, France will require all aircraft operating within French FIRs, including LFFF, LFEE, LFMM, LFBB, and LFRR FIRs, to log on to CPDLC. This mandate makes France the first state to implement such a requirement.


To operate above FL195, it is necessary to log on to CPDLC if the aircraft is equipped with operable ATN-B1 CPDLC and the crew has received training to operate it. Meeting these requirements signifies capability. In other words, if the aircraft is capable, CPDLC login is mandatory. If it is not capable, there will be no altitude restrictions on the flight.


This mandate differs from the European Data Link Mandate as it mandates logging on, whereas the European mandate requires equipage. This mandate only applies to operations within French FIRs. The exemptions shown by the DAT/CPDLCX statement for carriage with the European mandate do not apply. If you are capable, you must log on.


Refer to the France Aeronautical Information Circular 10-23 for complete details.

AIC FRANCE A 10/23 - En-Route DATA LINK services


Additionally, a mandatory logon is required if the aircraft is capable of operating above FL 285 in Maastricht, Karlsruhe, and Cyprus FIRs. To learn more, visit Eurocontrol's website for Maastricht and Karlsruhe FIRs or check the Cyprus AIP GEN 3.4.5 for the Cyprus FIR.