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ASEPS Brief 28 Mar 2019

Scott International Procedures Training brief on ASEPS: Advanced Surveillance – Enhanced Procedural Separation, North Atlantic space based ADS-B trials beginning on 28 Mar 2019

The NAT OPS BULLETIN 2018-006 covers the ASEPS trial procedures for the NAT airspace. The North Atlantic contingency procedures have also changed to support the NAT ASEPS trials.

The North Atlantic airspace is becoming more complex which requires correct procedures be followed to ensure the new separations given, RCP240, and ASEPS are achieved.

This Scott International Procedures Training brief breaks out both NAT OPS Bulletin 2018-006 “Trial Implementation of ASEPS using ADS-B” and the NAT OPS BULLETIN 2018-005 REV 1 “Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace."

NAT Doc 007 North Atlantic Airspace Operations Manual is also covered in this briefing video.

Written by Shawn Scott 3/18/2019

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Frank Chief Pilot (CAN)

I thought I'd provide you with a little feedback on yesterday's course. It was excellent and right on the money with respect to providing us with the latest updated information and best practices. Alex did a great job. He re-enforced much of what I have been advocating here for a while now and his "endorsement" will go a long way in helping us recognize the importance of following these best practices. 

Chief Pilot (CAN)

I really enjoyed the course and found it more informative than - Brand X's.

Int'l Captain (NY)


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