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Scott International Procedures, LLC is an International Business Aviation Training & Resource Company.

  • International Recurrent Classes
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    • Open Classes
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  • Initial International procedures Course
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Our instructors are available for any questions you may have.

Onsite Classes
In order to schedule a training session at your location, simply call us.    We have a conservative minimum attendance requirement which may be met with outside crews.  We ask for your willingness to open your facility to other local operators for the training event.  If you would prefer not to open the training to other departments, then we would address that situation on a case by case basis. 

Open Classes

An open class is a training event scheduled at various locations wherein all crews are welcome to attend. Advance registration is required, limited seating may apply and a cancellation fee may apply if the student is withdrawn. We realize the challenges faced by today's busy flight departments, not the least of which is scheduling training.   By utilizing an open class forum, operators gain flexibility in scheduling dates simply because of the increased options available.    
Additionally,  those flight departments that attend or which open their facility to allow outside operator attendance can realize cost savings as the instructor travel expenses are shared by all attendee companies based on the percentage of attendance.

International Procedures Online Classes

In order to better serve our clients, Scott IPC has an online training solution for both our International Recurrent and initial Classes. Customer service and interaction is important in our training delivery. Especially for the initial class where a student may be exposed to the international arena for the first time.

Online International Recurrent Class

For those flight departments wishing to take advantage of this training medium significant benefits may be gleaned. If a crew gets called out on a trip and unable to attend an existing class, this is the perfect pickup solution assuring standardization accross the department. The class may be taken any time day or night from any computer capable of maintaining high speed internet connection.
For large part 135 departments with crews based in various locations this solves your scheduling woes and will significantly reduce training expenses while providing top of the line training. Materials will be shipped prior to class so some advance notice is required. Please contact us for information on any of our training or resource solutions.


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