This first-of-a-kind app is a fully functional product, automating all processes used on a paper plotting chart with even more functionality than the aircraft can perform.  If GPS fails, no problem, it has a built-in dead reckoning tool.

Make no mistake, this is not a simple PDF graphic or an ineffective plotting chart workaround.  this is a fully functioning, integrated electronic plotting chart. 

  • Allows operator to perform plotting chart duties with ease
  • Plot routes and annotate as desired
  • Build or plot ETPs
  • View NAT Tracks either direction
  • Perform 10-minute checks
  • Georeferenced for precise GPS position
  • Dead Reckoning (D.R.) functionality allows for complete D.R. operations without GPS
  • Upload and manage flight plans, manuals, and documents from the Centralized Scott IPC Portal
  • Interactive, customizable checklist presented by the phase of flight


  • Master/Secondary sync feature allowing all data to sync between devices
  • If desired, builds and forwards your journey logbook automatically, capturing all flight annotations created on the Master Document (Flight Plan and Plotting Chart) at the end of the flight
  • Provides procedural oceanic reminders via the customizable checklist
  • The plotting chart area can be user-defined for any area of the world
  • Worldwide navigation database
  • Built-in nav system accuracy check provisions
  • Plot or build new ETPs

ICRH and Scott Plot Interfunctionality

Scott Plot supports and interfaces with the Scott IPC International Cockpit Reference Handbook (ICRH)

  • Updated procedures & information for oceanic flight operations
  • SOPs by the phase of flight for oceanic crossings
  • Datalink CPDLC, PBCS procedures
  • Conversions
  • and much, much more


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